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Discovery Action

Submerged the world feels faded and sharp at the same time. This action explores that feeling of clarity with its brightening effect of soft hued highlights and layers of cool tones. 

Wilderness Action

Wander into a world of warm golden tones and vibrant colours crafted in this action. The tones add a beautiful painterly warmth to skin tones reminiscent of that magical golden hour light.

Into The Blue Action

Add stunning depth and contrast by slipping blues, greens, and warm tones into images with this action. Throw this on both sunkissed or shaded pictures that have water or vegetation in them and watch the colours adapt as unpredictably as water.

Explorer Action

Set your subjects aglow with these warm brown tones that add a depth of earthy rich colours to your pictures. The colour tone layers in this action also adds a lovely warm rose blush to the skin. 

Desert Sands Action

Just as the warm light of the sunset caressing the desert dunes floods the landscape with golden glowing tones, this action will cloak your photographs with layers of yellows and soft warm tones. This action looks great on sun kissed images and adds warmth to cooler toned photos too.

Emerald Journey Action

Inspired by sunshine filtering through a jungle canopy this action adds light, lush greens and a soft warmth to your pictures transporting any image, travel or personal, to somewhere exotic.