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The Crystalline Collection celebrates the cooler, sparkling tones of the colour spectrum. It is a composed of intricate mood, full of depth and richness. Create glowing tones on the subjects and let the colour layers work their magic on the atmosphere of your photographs.

Includes six beautiful premium actions: 
1. Amethyst
2. Aquamarine
3. Celestite
4. Azurite
5. Opal
6. Moonstone

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Here's a look at each of the actions included.

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Be sure to click on each image to see them in full detail. 

Celestite Action
19.99 24.99

Known for its delicate blue colour and highly regarded as a powerful healing crystal, Celestite seemed a fitting name for this action. Here you will find soft blue tones created over layers of considered adjustments. Art is in the details, so follow the adjustments and prompts and see where the colour road leads you!

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Amethyst Action
19.99 24.99

Named after a crystal that is used to aid those to work in the creative arts, this action will bring light, darkness, and soft violet tones to your pictures full of depth and richness. Unlease your creativity as you explore and design the layers to suit your own creative vision. 

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Azurite Action
19.99 24.99

Azurite is known for its breathtaking deep, clear blue colouration and for centuries it was used as a blue pigment. You will discover that this action strives to bring that same otherworldly magic to your photographs with cool blue tones and soft hue highlights.

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Opal Action
19.99 24.99

Named after a stone that is considered comforting and which brings light to difficulty, the tones in this action are inspired by the early morning light on cool, crisp winter mornings. Watch as the colours will slip layers of warmth and a soft rose blush over your pictures.


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Moonstone Action
19.99 24.99

In India, moonstone is regarded as a “dream stone” that brings its wearer beautiful visions during the night. So on that note, we invite you to get lost in the magic that is this action. Let it bring clarity and a depth of blue tones to your pictures. Soft blue highlights against a dark backdrop will allow your subjects stand out and glow.

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Aquamarine Action
19.99 24.99

Legend has it that Aquamarine was a prized possession of mermaids and now its colours can be yours too. The tones in this action vary from green to blue and just as the sea reflects the sky, the colours here take direction from the photo it’s applied to.

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I'm brand new to photography and editing - just a few months of dipping my toes into this world. Discovering the Fine Art Actions (& Pratik's retouching tutorials) so early on in my creative journey has made my work look a zillion times better than it should, given my lack of experience! I love these actions so much, I love being able to tweak them and layer them to create a unique feel for my photos. I'm like a kid in a candy store whenever they release a new set! 

Check out more of Chelsea's work here - Instagram



It was love at first sign, when I saw the Fine Art Action homepage for the first time.

I always had the feeling that "actions" are for lazy people and also none of the previous Photoshop actions I saw on the internet fitted my images. But these one are just made for fairy themed pictures. Also you still have to do the work! Tweaking and changing the settings makes so much fun!

Fine Art Actions are definitely a part of my workflow and I'm always looking for new colors! 

Check out more of Jenny's work - here!