Here are a few words from our community of color loving creatives! 


Lillian Liu

I’ve never really used actions before, and I was so impressed by how fluid and easy they were when testing them! Such beautiful colours, and it was so inspiring to see palettes from the eye of another person. I cannot wait to give them a try in my own work! Thank you Bella for this amazing resource that I’m sure so many people will love. 

My favourite thing about the actions is actually how user friendly they are. From the lovely pop-up message, to the labeled layers, I think that anyone would find it helpful- whether they’re absolute beginners or experienced editors!

Check out more of Lillian's work here - www.lillianliu.squarespace.com & Instagram

Paige Bone

Discovering Fine Art Actions gave me the ability to grow into using photography in the way I have always wanted to. Every photograph I use an action on is a lesson, I'm constantly growing and moving forward, picking apart and analyzing the different layers involved in the amazing tools you have offered us!

I've learned more from using Fine Art Actions than I have from any classes I've attended. I'm starting to feel complete in my work!

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After going to Bella Kotak and Pratik’s workshop in October, I conquered my fear of photoshop and color toning. I have propelled my photography game into a new level that I didn’t think I would achieve for another few years. This picture was edited with the “Regal” action, and tweaked to give me the Fine Art mood that I was looking for.

Check out more of Judy's work here - www.jifrancis.com & Instagram

Chelsea Starling

I'm brand new to photography and editing - just a few months of dipping my toes into this world. Discovering the Fine Art Actions (& Pratik's retouching tutorials) so early on in my creative journey has made my work look a zillion times better than it should, given my lack of experience! I love these actions so much, I love being able to tweak them and layer them to create a unique feel for my photos. I'm like a kid in a candy store whenever they release a new set! 

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Erika Peste

For those who, like me, are not very practical with photoshop and are always struggling to find the right color/effect combinations are the absolute perfection. The actions are created specifically to give a fantasy touch without however create a cheap effect and do not alter the original image in terms of quality loss. They are helping me to bring my works to a higher level, I will never abandon them!

Check out more of Erika's work here - www.warehousestudio.it

Noelle Drake Wood

I’ve tried a lot of different action sets (you could say impulse buying actions is a weakness of mine) and this one really blew me away. I feel like there is an action that is perfect for every type of photo, whether it’s natural light, strobes, vivid color, or monochromatic. These actions are 100% my go-to for fine art.

Check out more of Noelle's work here - www.noellewoodstudio.com

Jenny Kaiser

It was love at first sign, when I saw the Fine Art Action homepage for the first time.

I always had the feeling that "actions" are for lazy people and also none of the previous Photoshop actions I saw on the internet fitted my images. But these one are just made for fairy themed pictures. Also you still have to do the work! Tweaking and changing the settings makes so much fun!

Fine Art Actions are definitely a part of my workflow and I'm always looking for new colors! 

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