With the announcement of our Stranger Tones Color Collection, we've decided to announce a new contest!

You can enter for a chance to win our entire premium collection! 

The contest is now over, thank you everyone who participated!



1. Download our free and exclusive action "Paranormal" below.

2. Use the action on your own images to create something unique. You can manipulate the layers the action creates to build your own specific look. You are also welcome to mix it with another action, however the main colors should primarily come from our Paranormal action.

3. Once you have something you like, share the photo on Instagram or Facebook. If you post it on FB, be sure and link back to this page in the description. 

4. After sharing it on social media, you can enter the competition below (click the "enter competition button"), where people can vote for their favorite image! You may submit a maximum of 2 images (1 through FB and 1 through Instagram). 

   * If submitting via Instagram your profile must be public otherwise the image will not show up when entering the contest. 

5. There will be THREE Grand Prize winners. One winner will be the most voted image. The second and third winner will be our overall favorite images!

6. The contest ends on Monday, November 13th, 2017 - Midnight PST.

7. The winners will be announced via email, Instagram, & Facebook. 
   * By downloading the action, you'll be automatically subscribed so you don't miss out on the outcome!


The winners of the contest will receive every premium collection on our website! 
This includes 24 actions in total, valued at $540!

If you already have all of the collections, you will receive credit towards our next premium collection along with all of our Color Collections


Use our unique action on your work and show us what you come up with! 

The contest is now over, thank you to all who have participated!



Interested in voting? Simply click on an image below and click the heart icon to vote!