Job Opening - Colorist.jpg

Fine Art Actions is over a year old!

We've taken more than baby steps in seeing this community grow! You've shown us exactly how important rich colors are to you and your work. You've truly inspired us to grow our team!

We're looking to hire a colorist. In other words, someone who would be interested in working with us to create and develop our future collections! We really want to diversifying our team by adding someone who has a unique color palette.

This is a paying job, and we'll be disclosing that to the candidate we're looking to work with. 

You must: 
* Already know how to use Photoshop (of course).  
* Know how to color tone images using adjustment layers.

Send us an e-mail at and be sure to include your website and/or Instagram account so we can see your style!

You can write to us if you have any questions as well.