Vermilion PS Action Contest Winners!

On the 12th of July, we announced our first contest! We decided to release a new FREE action that I constructed in Photoshop with the scenes of autumn in mind. Vermilion brings warm reds, soft oranges, and the subdued browns as the season sheds its leaves preparing for cool winter. 

by Bella Kotak

by Bella Kotak

Due to how many people loved the action, we've decided to keep it free for our community! 

Colour is a passion of mine. I love playing with it, I love using it to create moods and atmospheres in an image, and I really love being able to share this passion with you! I'm so pleased that so many of you loved the contest, downloaded the action and entered your image! The feedback has been overwhelming and interacting with you guys has been really inspiring. We will definitely do something like this again :) 


In the meanwhile, as promised, we have not one, but TWO winners. One was the all-around favourite, and the other was our favourite from the top ten submissions!

It includes all of our collections we offer. This was really difficult as there were so many amazing entries! 

The winners of our Vermilion contest are Sonali Satsangi and Saray Taylor!! We'll be in contact soon with the prize! They'll be receiving our full Fine Art Bundle!

Congratulations! You have both won ALL our collections to date!

As there were so many spectacular entries, here are some shout outs to our favourites -

All images have been edited with our Vermilion action.

To see the rest of the entries featuring Vermilion visit here

Thank you so much for your support. We hope you're enjoying your actions as much as we love creating them! Here's a quick video showing how I used the action in this picture :) Hope you like it!

Have a colourful day!