Photographer Spotlight: Regina Wamba

Regina Wamba is a photographer who is a person I think everyone should know. From her fantasy work to her book covers, she has a beautiful balance to what she produces. Regina is a member of our community and a personal friend of ours as well. We were curious to see what her views on color were, finding her "voice" with color, inspiration, and how she uses some of our actions! We're always curious on how other artists see the world. 

If you haven't seen her work before, check it out here: 
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Actions Used: Flickering Firelight & Another Realm

What type of work do you primarily shoot, why do you think color toning is important in your work, and what does it help convey?

I primarily shoot for books, stories, or stories unwritten.

Color toning is important because it’s the foundation of mood. The coloring of something tells the story of the image that doesn’t translate to an image, but to a feeling. Toning is the feeling in a still image (or moving images) & directly impacts how you feel when you receive the image. When I’m shooting, I’m shooting a certain feeling or emotion and to complete that task, I color tone my images to give the full impact of the emotion.

Was finding your vision as it relates to color toning your work difficult, and how did you learn? 

Oh it definitely was a challenge. It took me a while to fully understand my style in toning my work. No matter what client or what project I’m working for, my style has a certain mood and feel to it. I really learned (and continue to still) from playing & watching/learning from others. I breakdown processes and take some and leave some. I feel like learning is never ending and by practicing until you feel satisfied is where you will find your unique style. 


Action Used: Desert Sand

What inspired you to begin using our actions and from your experience, what do you think others will find as well?

To be honest, it’s the mood & outcomes of what I saw. I saw stories in those actions that I knew would amplify my work, whether it was for a client or for myself. I think others will find an amazing starting point to control the mood of their imagery and how they want to tell the story. 

ChaosBA (1).JPG

Actions Used: Orange Dahlia & Nostalgia

How have they helped the images that they’ve used them on (explain how they helped in the process of color toning)? 

The actions have helped expedite the color toning process and has helped achieve a beautiful storytelling effect. I’ve used them either in my book cover work OR my photography. When the toning is right, you get a beautiful image & incredible response as it inspires a story, which is my personal goal… to inspire or to ignite something that wasn’t there before.

Goddess Rising BA (1).JPG

Actions Used: Black Gold & Regal

What is your favorite part about using the actions in your workflow (when you do use them)? 

Favorite part has to be the ease of use. The actions have made it incredibly easy to use in my images & book cover design work. I use them frequently to add new depth & dimension to the images & designs. Second favorite part is always the outcome… with my own actions/ preferences + the collaboration of Fine Art Actions, I have made images (and designs) that tell stories & ignite new ones, and that is the most rewarding thing about the workflow and end result.

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Sultry Light (After).jpg

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