Using Photoshop Actions To Color Grade Video

(Please watch the video in full screen)

A lesser known fact about Photoshop is the ability to edit video! You’re able to import clips, stitch them together, apply transitions, intro and outro slides, and add music. 

However, the biggest benefit of video support is being able to use Photoshop and all of its tools and adjustment layers!

Let’s say you’re done editing a video and you want to color grade or color tone it. You’re already familiar with the adjustment layers Photoshop has, so you’re finally able to use the same tools in doing so! For instance, in the video, you’ll see how we utilize our color toning actions on top of video files as well! This allows actions to not only be great for images, but for video as well. 

The same cinematic inspired colors you’re used to can transfer over to video. 

What makes the possibilities truly endless is the additional benefit of tweaking the opacity of the whole group or individual layers to create something truly personal. 

And for those of you already familiar, you can also save an action as a LUT file (if you prefer), making it usable in Premier or other applications. The downside to that is the lack of control for individual layers, which makes actions a little more versatile in this instance.  

Once you're done editing, go to File - Export - Render Video