Colortoning The Community! - Exploring the Enchanted Collection


A few weeks ago we invited our community over on our Facebook group to submit your before images for some free color grading and chance to be featured on our blog and FB groups.

I went through the files and really loved this image by @ursulaschmitz. As I was playing with our actions I discovered that this would be a great example to show you how the colours of our Enchanted Collection translate on a single image.

When it comes to our photoshop actions we craft each collection to bring a range of palettes to an image changing its vibe and dynamic while also creating some really beautiful tones when actions are layered on top of each other.

So here’s how the Enchanted Collection translates to this beautiful photo.

I’d love to know, which picture/action is your favourite and why?

For anyone else interested in some free color grading, here's the link to submit :) -