The Enchanted Collection

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Box Design - The Enchanted Collection.jpg

The Enchanted Collection

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The winter months bring soft tones of morning mist and frosted glass but they also bring the warm hues of crackling fires and glowing lights. It's this beautiful contrast dance between warm and cool that inspired the colours you see in this set.

Carefully crafted, each action contains layers of color tones that we encourage you to play with, as well as, directions you can follow. To create unique looks, try overlaying the different actions on top of each other at varying opacities.

We hope you enjoy the multitude of color possibilities waiting for you in our Enchanted Collection!

Includes six beautiful premium actions.

Actions included in this set:
1. Winter Orange
2. Evergreen
3. Arctic Light
4. Ginger Glow
5. Glacial Frost
6. Mulberry

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