Fine Art Actions is the result of a collaboration between two creatives who love to play with colour and want to share that passion with you.

All colour actions have been envisioned by Bella Kotak and finalised by Pratik Naik.

the inspiration

As a photographer who has been creating and sharing my work for several years, inspiration for this venture came from all of you! This wonderful, supportive, and excited to learn online community. The foundation of my growth. I often get asked how I achieve my colours, and in turn, I was inspired to find a way to invite you into the colourscape of my world.

- Bella Kotak

the vision

My world as a retoucher is all about being obsessed with the small details. Being able to bring a final polish to Bella's colour palette was my way of realizing her vision in order to bring her unique perspective to everyone. Working with Bella to finesse the technical end bridges the gap between her eye and the ability to share it with you.

- Pratik Naik


the colours

Using the colours of nature through the passing seasons as my muse, each action is a sophisticated combination of adjustments that will bring expertly hand-crafted colours into your work.
These actions are the embodiment of all the love we put into our work, shared with passion in hopes you will find a new dimension to yours. 

- Bella & Pratik



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