check out the videos & instructions below to get started


how to install an action 

1. Locate where the action is downloaded.
2. Double click on the action to "install" the action.
3. Go to Photoshop, then ensure your action panel is open by going to the Window menu, and then ensure Actions is checked.
4. The action will now appear at the bottom on the list of actions. In case you have a lot of previously installed actions, scroll down on the entire list to see it. It will be in a folder called “*Name of the action* by Fine Art Actions"



1. Make sure the image you want to use the action on is open in Photoshop.
2. Make sure you have your Actions palette open. Again, it can be found under the Window menu, and then ensure Actions is checked. 
3. Before you run the action make sure it’s a flattened image, that means there should be no other layers on top of the image as it may disrupt the action from working properly.
4. Click on the action that you would like to run. Make sure it's not the folder, but the action within the folder. If you did it correctly, the "Play" icon at the bottom of the actions palette will now be in a dark grey colour.
5. Hit the "Play" button and it will run the action.
6. It will now add a folder to the top of your image, which contains all the colour adjustments done to the image. 


how to customise an action

1. Once your action has run, the layer names may include certain instructions such as masking certain parts of the image, for example, the skin.
2. You can adjust the opacity of the folder or the individual layers.
3. Feel free to Turn layers on and off to explore the different colour combinations on your image.
4. Play with the adjustment layers to explore various colour tones on your picture.